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Portfolio Ventures.

We introduce early-stage tech companies raising Seed to Series A rounds to outstanding value-add Angels, Family Offices and VCs. We also invest.

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  • Proof of product market fit
  • Clear competitive advantages
  • RAISING £500K+

We’ve worked together for 7 years. We’ve raised £60m+ of funding for 200+ companies. We’ve personally invested in 70+ companies. We understand the challenges of raising funding and scaling. We introduce our extensive network of value-add investors and help founders navigate Seed to Series A rounds.  

People Like Us...

Portfolio Ventures deliver something that anyone raising funds needs, a network of very high quality, pre-vetted and relevant early stage investors. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to raise our £1.3m seed round.

Ben Stephenson, Impala

If you're an early-stage founder, I can't recommend Portfolio Ventures highly enough! They ran an extremely efficient and targeted process that resulted in two big-ticket investments - exactly what you want from a fundraising partner.

Tessa Clarke, OLIO

PV truly understand what it is to be 'founder-friendly'. Too often I see the nuts and bolts of fundraising drain founders who just want to focus on execution. Working with PV has allowed us to retain momentum throughout the process. The calibre of investors is always incredibly high and Will and Will do a fantastic job of qualifying fit before making introductions. The investors we have from PV have all brought a wealth of expertise to the business alongside their capital.

Freddy Kelly, Credit Kudos

Portfolio Ventures has been a fantastic resource for us when we needed to raise. They were involved in our first round and sourced nearly all the funds for our second round. Dealing with them and their investors was incredibly easy and the quality of their investor pool, at least for our business, was fantastic.

Raja Palaniappan, Origin

In 2017, Portfolio Ventures helped us reach new, and ideally-fitting investors, at a crucial time in year 2 of Attest's development. It was a highly targeted and efficient process. They helped us reach investors who could immediately opt-in to our vision, and add new value post-investment, which was perfect timing, exactly when we needed to expand our networks most.

Jeremy King, Attest

We got much more than what we asked for from PV. A larger round raised, much faster than we had planned, and from a seriously impressive HNW network. Couldn't be happier with the result!

Rodney Bain, APEXX

PV has an impressive network of high profile investors. Will & Will are super easy to work with & the experience was great

Paul Roiter, Xelix

PV gave us access to a great pool of relevant investors allowing us to raise quickly and get back to business! I highly recommend them.

Flemming Bengtsen, Nimbla

You hear "joy to work with" bandied about fairly often, never was it truer than with Will and Will at Portfolio. They run an extremely slick operation with clever use of technology, an extremely organised approach and great attention to detail. As anyone who's fundraised will know all three are essential for a successful and painless raise.

Tom Wood, Cazana

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